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10 Things to do to make the most of your QUARANTINE :

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, The Voguenaari encourages you to stay indoors. We are all together in this pandemic outbreak. So, let’s stand together and fight against this. I have made a list of 10 Things you can do to make your Quarantine productive and exciting.

Luckily for you, I have put together a list of things you can do to keep yourself and the kids entertained for however long it takes until business continues as usual. For many, self-isolation may be a disorientating experience, especially for those of us who are used to spending 80% of our time outside of the house! Nevertheless, it’s important to look on the bright side, whilst channelling our energy into some productive activities.

Who could have thought that a minute virus which is hard to see with the naked eye could create such an imbalance and affect the lives of everyone in such diverse ways? This tiny microorganism has changed the definition of “humans being social animals” to “humans being caged victims”.

Let’s just stop being lazy bugs and spend this precious time which we have got to spend with our families and loved ones in a productive way . We all can spend this time finding out the best in us and knowing our hidden talents. It is time to turn the hourglass and look at this pandemic with a different perspective rather than getting anxious and spreading it like coronavirus so I am going to share with you how I plan to spend my days at home by limiting my use of Netflix and optimizing this time into spaces of growth this quarantine. So here it goes –


As cleanliness is an important factor to prevent coronavirus, the best method to keep oneself safe during this pandemic is to keep oneself and one’s surroundings spic and span. I plan to clean and organize all the unnecessary photos and videos from my gallery, delete the spam e-mails, discard expired edibles from the fridge and organize my wardrobe. It’s the best time to clean your footwear as that is something you won’t be able to do at regular days. I always feel it is a good idea to clear away the clutter once and for all. “You can also redo your Space by rearranging your FURNITURE”.

Re- Decorating My Room


During our daily routine, we don’t have enough time to do what we used to in our school days. We often used to find ourselves scribbling on the benches of schools or the last pages of our notebooks and later in life squiggling or the note pads during boring conferences. Why not bring out the hidden artist deep inside us and spill the colours out on the canvas.

One could also use all the unwanted materials of the house like used alcohol bottles, CDs, handkerchiefs, ice-cream sticks and turn it into something fancy and creative like piggy-bank, photo-frames, coasters, bookmarks and pen-stands. Whether it’s time to re-paint the skirting boards or to drill a hole in the wall and finally hang the mirror up, see what other DIY tasks you can find whilst you’re self-isolating.

Fashion Illustrations


You’ve been meaning to do Workout for a while now, what better place than from the comfort of your own home?

This is the perfect time wake up at your own time yet practice some fun and easy exercises and give that sluggish body a good stretch and release some endorphins.

There are apps like which give you a chance to get home workout sessions (OR) you can also meditate and heal you body by finding a quiet space, light some candles and clear your mind with some therapeutic meditation music or relax with a meditation colouring book.

Workout at Home


My busy daily routine couldn’t give me enough time to spend on my skin care or haircare. Hence, this is the best time to Google all the “Dadima ke nuske”, drink detox water and make your skin glow as now you could follow your Sunday skin, body, nail and hair care regime every day.

So rather than Netflix and chill, it’s time for Multani mitti and chill. Or else, spend time with your Mom & Grand-mom and ask them their secret of a Glowing skin & long Hair.


Tried a homemade Haldi Facemask


We all have friends who stay far off in distant cities and countries and it is difficult to connect due to time difference and busy schedules. Why not take this opportunity to catch up on group video calls? It is time for some virtual connecting while practising social distancing.

There are many apps and games trending these days where you can socialise and have fun with your friends like- LUDO, HOUSEPARTY, SCRABBLE, ZOOM , etc, where you can interact and bring back your old days. Pick an hour to come together and do an activity of everyone’s choice. You can also watch movies together or also have a group workout session.

Spending time with my mains


This is the best moment to introspect within oneself and know where you are one now and where you want to be. Do what you love the most. For example- I love dancing and hence I am spending my quarantine learning choreographies online, recording the, and sharing it with my friends. Dancing is a hobby which gives me immense of happiness, What is Yours? Are you also hiding a talent? Record it & Share it with your gang.

You may also Love collecting books of various genres but it ends up absorbing all the dust in your book-shelf like a vacuum cleaner? Well it’s time to rub off the dust, grab a cup of coffee, sit glued by the french window and be absorbed in your favourite novel for hours. With this, you may actually end up finding yourself, the person who you actually are.

Best Apps for reading online books: Amazon Kindle, Aldiko, Oodles eBook Reader, Wattpad, etc.

Learning Dance Choreographies


Self-isolating has unfortunately made it difficult for us to eat out at our favourite restaurant, and with talk of a lockdown, we might not be able to get food delivered to us either. This means now is the perfect time to broaden our culinary skills by practising some of your favourite recipes! I have actually found that I am an amazing cook. I usually follow Hebbars kitchen and fulfil all my cravings :P. Hence, I have made so many yummy dishes at home . (Ps:- my mom’s super happy.) You can Challenge yourself and Try out a new recipe with not more than 5 Ingredients.

Turning Junk FoodCraving into my new talent


Make the most of this lockdown and spend time with your family. I know this one might be controversial and probably has a time limit, but what’s more beautiful than coming together as a family? Minus the fighting and constant ‘he said, she said’, of course. Go down the memory lane, have a look at your old pictures, watch Ramayan with them :P. Play Cards, Chess, Carrom and one my favourite games these days is “SEQUENCE” and “RUMMY”.

Memories are the things that we hold onto when we cannot go back and create more. One forgets everything else except for that particular incident and feels happy and sad, happy because one can still remember it and sad because it has become a thing of the past.

Now-a-days, I have ended up spending most of my time grooming my pet, playing Card Games and watching movies with my family and nothing could beat this feeling.

Best Thing about Quarantine.


If you need something to keep your brain stimulated, there are an abundance of online courses you could look into. Have you ever felt like learning GUITAR or brushing up your photography skills?

Now it’s time to make the perfect use of this break, sit in your comfortable pyjamas and fill in the gaps of your resume. And yes, definitely save cost! You may even come across a passion you never knew you had. Pick up on something you’ve been meaning to learn about but haven’t had the time for – if not now, then when? You can also research on your favourite topics and write a short journal.

Best Apps for learning online courses for free : Udemy, Lynda, Shaw Academy, Khan Academy, TED, Goodreads, DUO LINGO, YouTube.


We can’t thank technology enough for helping us cope up with the isolation. Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji , Voot, Hotstar have an amazing collection of crisp and meaningful short films and series with an awakening message on various themes.

It’s finally time to start watching Harry Potter from start to finish, just like you said you would, or if you’re in the mood to watch something more action-packed, sit back and relax. These films will keep you entertained and not make you a couch potato too.

You can also watch your all-time favourite movies like ZNMD, YJHD, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Chahta Hai, etc. You can also watch some inspiring documentaries to keep yourself motivated.

Watching the best on Netflix.

Apart from these, improvise yourself, sleep properly, research on your favourite topics, make best out of waste, write journals, try and help out the needy ones and be the best version of yourself.

Staying at home for a prolonged period of time may prove difficult, but that’s even more of a reason to rise to the challenge –

There are plenty of things to do to remain productive, just remember to wash your hands at regular intervals and use anti-bacterial wipes for things that you touch or use often. Taking hygiene seriously is a key factor and it’s also important to take care of yourselves.

Spending most of my day with him.

It is rare to find opportunities like these when you get “Me time”, learn something new, spend a good time with your family and be paid for it. Make optimum use of this time, kyunki vapas aisi break ho na ho!! Stay indoors! Stay sanitized! Stay safe!
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