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How to Dress Up like Ranveer Singh

You might be thinking… Why this topic? Not because he is my favourite but because he is an inspiration for the Gen-Next these days.

Chic, Cringe-worthy or Cool! What do I call him? Hardly I have seen men experimenting with colour and bling but it is Ranveer Singh who doesn’t shy away from wearing shiny shirts, dhotis, skirts and even stepping out with kohl-lined eyes.

Ranveer Singh has turned to be a wild child of fashion in India. From vibrant patterns and neon to flamboyant colours and bling, you name it and he has worn it. Whether it is his red carpet appearances or airport looks, he stuns fashion police every time he steps out. Moreover, his OTT sunglasses should be given the credit for an additional quirk to his overall look.

Think of something that is conventional fashion, and you will see that Ranveer Singh’s style sense is something completely different and off-beat. But here are a few things I specifically love about his style.

Fashion is a way with which you can express your individuality. Ranveer Singh is not an average stylish man, he has created a statement for himself and even coined as one of the best-dressed men.

The best part is that his style is as tastefully eccentric as his personality, thanks in no small part to his always-ready-to-experiment stylist Nitasha Gaurav. Nitasha spills some of Ranveer’s style secrets. She says: “He loves to colour, he is flamboyant and extremely confident as a person. He is not looking for approval. And that immediately sets him free in a way that you can’t even imagine. He wears what he is drawn to. He likes to wear print on print on print. He is almost childlike, actually!

So, to dress up like Ranveer Singh, one should be Exuberant, classy, experimental and most importantly Be Confident.

Here are 5 styling tips to dress up in Ranveer Singh Style :

  1. Play with Prints: Ranveer Singh is never going to limit his options, and we can be sure of that. He is the one male celebrity in India, who never fails to hit the news regarding his outfits for public appearances. Whether it’s a sly comment or just appreciation, he has managed to impact many mindsets when it comes to fashion.

Style Tip: Don’t stick to the boring single colour outfits. Experiment with different patterns like floral & polka dots, checks & stripes, animal prints etc.

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2. Unique Textures: Forget the safe options, and try out some out-of-the-box textures to add dimension to a drab suit. Metallics, velvets, and suedes are all materials that Ranveer has worn to flaunt his personal style.

Style Tip: Try unique textures , it’s not compulsory to wear heavy suede & leather suits you can also try textures in the form of accessories like Knit ties (bumpy surface),Brogued shoes (decorated with punched holes), Suede shoes (not just for Elvis and pretty easy to take care of),Woven shoes and belt (made of interlaced leather strips), Leather jackets (from smooth to distressed),Tooled belts (solid leather with stamped designs),Silk pocket squares (shimmery-smooth texture). Be wary of mixing too much texture. Textured accents with larger textured pieces such as a tweed suit and a knit tie, for example, makes you look downright woolly.

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3.Bright Colours: As mentioned by his stylist, Ranveer loves colours. But very few men love to experiment. If you look closely at the spelling of V.I.B.G.Y.O.R you will see R.A.N.V.E.E.R hidden in it. It was also somewhere around this time that children stopped purchasing crayon boxes and started purchasing Ranveer instead. If you’re not ready to go all out with patterns yet, take heed from Ranveer and opt for bolder colours like electric blue, yellow, orange instead. It will help you stand out from the crowd without being too over-the-top.

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4.Bling is King: You all might have seen Ranveer wearing those Glittery Tracksuits. Ranveer was seen at an event in a bright and sparkly millennial pink bomber jacket, from Manish Arora. Shine & Glitter makes you look out of the Box. Be it a maxi dress or blazer, there is more than one way to wear the sparkle and shine in it too.

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5.The Desi Munda: Ranveer Singh has routinely set my hearts racing when he does Indian clothing, owing to the fact that he’s god gift to Mankind and all. No one is as fearless and as fiercely original as he is. My most favourite traditional looks of Singh are: His Banglore Reception Look in Rohit Bal Ensemble.

Shop This Look: Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani.

Fashion is a way of doing something, and a popular trend. There will be trend followers and trendsetters, and I think Ranveer is definitely a trendsetter. He creates bold and fashionable pieces that stand out and encourage us to try something new too! He is daring and extravagant, wacky, but still manages to steal our hearts and words are not enough to describe his style.

I am waiting for the day when Ranveer starts his own clothing line and instead of being served the same old men’s fashion, I can see men wear more experimental and fun clothes. After all, why should girls have all the fun?

So lastly, let your outfit do the talking!! And be confident in whatever you wear, and you will get to Ranveer’s level. So what are you waiting for? Update your wardrobe and dress with no limits!!

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