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Kasol Diaries 🗻

Kasol is a place where you feel embraced in the chest of the mountains. It is like the mother who nurtures you, it is like a father who just lets you be “YOU”.

My journey To Kasol started from Delhi after a 14 hours drive. The driver had stopped for tea at Mandi, i was in a tizzy, partly out of the happy Himalayan wind and partly out of hunger. I knew this was just a glance of nature.. many more beautiful views to come!!

On my way to Kasol, I could see through tall, snow-covered trees which bend & sway. I didn’t know where i came from or where I will go, while strange noises crunch the newly fallen snow. Those rooftop’s and garden covered with snow felt so beautiful. But then, some hours of sleep was enough to get me back in action mode in the morning. Due to snow, there was no power in kasol for last four days, I couldn’t afford taking bath in the ice chilling water . So, We headed straight to the Manikaran village to see the natural hot springs, the shiva temple and the manikaran gurudwara.

In the second half of the day, we moved to catch river Parvati wildly flapping its way across the tiny Himalayan village named Chalal Village. The sun was going down, a shepherd was getting his sheep across the river on an old, rickety bridge. You can witness the hot springs all around kasol.

As it was Valentine week, we could enjoy the soothing live music at Panchtara Cafe. There’s nothing better than live music and its raw energy. It tended to be a perfect winter night.

You can explore a lot in Kasol .

Kasol is magic, get ready to be enthralled in the mini Israel of India ❄️

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