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New Girl In the City!

” मुसाफ़िर है तू उन गलियों का, जिस गली हम कभी जाते थे, इश्क़ है तू उन सदियों का, जिस गली हम कभी जाते थे ।”

I love visiting new cities and seeing all the tourist sites but apart from them I love knowing more about their culture .i.e. what they wear, What they eat, what are their traditions and majorly those places which don’t get much attention from the tourists. And I like to go on foot or by auto rickshaw along the streets of the town so that I can fully discover the beauty and secrets of the town. And it is fun, isn’t it?

It’s totally okay to arrive at a destination with no itinerary. Actually, Its probably better that way! Sometimes, having no expectations leaves more room for fun and more authentic discoveries. Gone are the days when we had nothing but maps and guidebooks to rely on travel tips, your phone is your friend, and you have endless information at your fingertips!

1. However now-a-days you have Google Maps which works for travelling whether it’s finding a place to eat or hop to any other tourist place.

2. I don’t know about you, but I follow a TON of travel accounts on instagram. Other Than giving me all the ~wanderlust ~ feels, it also inspires me to travel to new places or provides me with ideas for my ever- growing bucket list.

3. I am a Pinterest freak! Whenever I’m travelling to any place I make sure that I Pinterest about things to do, photography and posing ideas and add them to my to- do list.

4. Being a Fashion Designer, while I explore any city/ town I google about traditional embroidery artisians and fabric stores so that I can find different varieties of it. So, you guys can relate travel to your profession also especially if you’re from art field and in search for inspiration.

Now, coming back to my previous blogs answer, The first thing I notice is how is the vibe, smell & sights of the environment and secondly “What People wear”!

5. For instance, On August 2018, I visited Bangkok & noticed that the people there are Systematically Dressed according to their profession’s or even if its any random people. That made me understand that Bangkok is a city where people like things to be properly planned and friendly towards outsiders. Western Clothes are popular in the city .

6.Asking locals is the best approach to finding hidden gems and exploring new areas. If you don’t like asking random people in the street, just go to a cafe or bar and talk to the wait staff. They are used to making small talk and are (generally) happy to help.

” My next question is How frequently do you go for shopping?”
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