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Rudranaag- My First Trek In the Himalayas

ज़िंदगी एक सफ़र है सुहाना, यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना 🍃

Himachal made me feel, ” life is a long road we travel from experiencing the beauty of a path filled with flowers to continue with hard rocks beneath your legs”.

We were a group of 8; Me, Mahi (my sister), Sandy (team captian), Rahul, Meghna, Ahmed, Angel & Purna bhaiya (our guide). We left from Kasol with a superb level of energy & excitement . And yes, for me it was an extremely different feeling with a big heavy backpack on my shoulders. It was the very first trek of my life. While we were on our way to barshaini, the beautiful view of the snowy mountains was mesmerising.

The Trek begins:

The main path of the Rudranaag trek starts from Barshaini and leads to Kheerganga ( top of the mountain ranges) . But due to heavy snowfall the way to Kheerganga was closed & we had to stop at Rudranaag. At Barshaini , we took our sticks to get grip while climbing & the started our trek to Rudranaag . It seemed to be a sunny day, hence the snow was melting making our path a little difficult, as it was getting slippery. Walking through the Parvati river, we couldn’t get our eyes through the beautiful landscape with stunning vistas of Himalayas. Crossing the bridge and motivating each other we saw 3 dogs walking with us since the start. I named them as Snowy, Dusky & Blacky ( Ps: i was missing tuffy). Thoughts of YJHD were being recollected in my mind. As, I wore a heavy windcheater jacket, it was getting even more warmer for me so i would recommend people not to wear heavy wind cheater as it sweats while you trek. But watching the snow- capped mountains & the first rays of sun lighting up the mountains was worthwhile.

The climb was getting a little steep and slushy, but rocks were there to make formations in the form of steps. Sandy & purna bhaiya were like motivators, they used say ” we have almost reached, we’ll take a break in a while” & ofcourse that was convincing enough. We thought the worst is over but this was just the start.

We took our first break at Nathan village for lunch. We were extremely hungry but had to eat light so that we can trek easily & ordered a maggie ( most easily found veg dish ). It was lip smacking and felt like the most yummiest maggie i ever had.

Moving forward, we reached our camp point and I suddenly felt so proud of myself, ” YES! I have done it”. By the time I could inherit this thought, we had to leave for the next part of the trek .i.e. Rudranaag Waterfall so that we don’t miss any of it. We all left our bags and on the way to Rudranaag waterfall, i saw a small cafe where a old women was weaving a shawl for herself. I actually wanted to talk to her and know how the process but had to hurry 🙈. And finally that moment had become, we reached Rudranaag but unsurprisingly there was no waterfall as it was all freezing yet we could see a lower waterfall down the parvati river. There was no more trail. It was all white all around covered with knee deep snow. We couldn’t stop ourselves to just jump on the snow and start playing . We all started clicking pictures, played with snow like kids, made a cute snowman and what better than having a hot cup of tea surrounding the snowy mountains accompanied by the 3 cute dogs till the end. We were lost in all the amazement.

On our way back to the campsite, we were filled with confidence and couldn’t stop thanking purna bhaiya for all the help he did to help us walk through the steep snowy path.

It was an awesome experience how I turned from fearful to fearless trekker.

The campsite was beautiful too. What more you want, when we you such amazing hosts at campsite playing Punjabi songs, himachali songs, sandy & ahmed playing guitar and singing melodies ( local pahadi songs also) . The mountain people always have that touch of love & care. The night tend to be was one of the most happiest, that moment watching the beautiful mountain view from the camp is saved in the window of my memories. The night in the camp for me & mahima was super cold but It was just mind blowing at the same time. You’ll be surrounded by the mountains & they would look so magnificent that it would just take your breath away for a second.

On the very next morning, we started walking down through the nathan village but this time we took a snowy way to reach Barshaini. It was filled with fresh snow all around and being so close to Parvati river felt so refreshing. I wished that moment would just pause Forever. Infact, i think everyone should try this trek once in their lifetime. You will realise how beautiful& insignificant the mother nature is.

** But as a first trek it is going to be a bit hard & if you don’t have that capacity & willingness to do it, you can never do it.

Things to remember while you go for trekking:

• Do not carry to many things in your rucksack as it may cause severe shoulder & backpains.

• Carry proper trekking shoes ( sneakers would make you fall & a complete bad choice)

• Carry Waterbottle or energy drink to boost up your engergy.

I hope you all like this beautiful journey. The overall experience was very enriching .
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