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The VogueNaari!

“Last night the Rain spoke to me Slowly, saying, What joy to come falling out of the brisk cloud to be Happy again in a new way on the Earth !”

Hi everyone, I am Saloni Jain, a Fashion Designer based in Hyderabad. The thought of ” The VogueNaari” came into my mind while I was searching for an inspiration for my new collection.

According to me, Having good people around you who motivate, inspire and encourage you is so important. Surrounding yourself in that energy & environment is what will help you grow and really does have impact on your mental state. And My way of finding inspiration is Travel.

The VogueNaari is a platform where you’ll get answers how to deal with fashion, my fashion experiences will be shared & also the future of fashion will be predicted and proved.

The word VogueNaari means Fashionable Women. If you’re a fashion freak or the one who loves exploring the world with your fashionista eyes then you’re going to love this beautiful journey of being a VogueNaari ♥️

My first question to all the readers would be ” What is the first thing you notice when you go in a New City ?”

The answer to this question would be given in the Next Blog….

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