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What kind of Backpacker are YOU?

” हर रोज़ गिर कर भी मुकमल खड़े है , ऐ ज़िंदगी देख मेरे हौसले तुझसे भी बड़े है ”

Travel is something which makes a person stress-free, creative and makes one much more happier. Earlier, people used to travel with their families to spend quality time with their loved ones and visit new places but some how now-a-days I feel Travel has become much more like a Social Media Booster.

Today, When You travel to a certain place or monument, what is the first thing you do? Of course, set an angle for getting a perfect picture of it 😅, take the perfect selfie , while simultaneously get the whole thing on your snapchat or instagram story but you don’t realise that you never got to see it from your own eyes. This is a familiar situation with most of them who love to travel and capture the moments.

Is Social Media More worth it?

One always try to create a curated feed of how we wish our lives looked regardless of how messy the real thing is. For instance, when we go to a beach we strive to get the best bikini shot to post on instagram or best sunset shot to make your friends jealous on facebook. Travelling in this social media age has become more exciting just to show off. On Pinterest, over 1000 boards have ‘travel inspiration’ in the title.

Travel is the Language of Happiness!

If you actually want to enjoy your vacation try to enjoy the locals by meeting local people and knowing more about their art & culture. Taste the traditional & street food. Shopping can be a fun task , as there are few things you may not be able to find in your city. Hunt the local markets for unique stuff. Discovering street art, finding inspirations in the little things you see around. I mainly love to write and maintain a travel journal so that I can cherish the memories forever. Try and make a scrapbook of pictures & notes which you can enjoy later or share with your friends.

Travel is eye – opening, it broadens your perspective. Every journey writes a New Story. Live it, feel it and explore it through your eyes & not through the camera lenses.
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